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    Outsourced CFO

    Accounting Setup for Start-up Companies

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    Management Accounting Services

    Our management accounting services enable you to monitor the performance of your business and make appropriate management decisions. Anuket offers full or partial Management Accounting Services based on your needs.

    Our Portfolio of Management Accounting Services includes:


    Monthly closing

    Bank reconciliations

    Balance sheet accounts reconciliations

    Monthly, quarterly, annual full set of management accounts preparations (Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow)

    Fixed assets register maintenance

    Financial analysis & key performance indicators developing and monitoring

    Cash flow forecast

    Budget preparation and control

    Compilation of unaudited financial statements to minimize audit costs

    Accounting Setup for Start-up Companies

    You have already started up your business... you purchased some assets... received your sales orders... hired 2-3 staffs... our cost receipts have started to pile up... yes, it's about the time to establish an accounting structure so that you can maintain a clean accounting record and install a proper accounting control at the beginning of your business adventure.

    Anuket can help you setup your accounting functions to track your accounting records and keep your accounting transactions under control.

    Our services include:

    Chart of Account mapping and maintenance

    Set up a proper accounting system

    Sales, receivables & collections cycle setup (customer invoicing, reminders, customer's statement of account, customer data base setup etc)

    Costs, payables & payments cycle setup (AP process, vendor data base setup etc)

    Account receivables & payables ageing report setup

    Month-end management reports setup

    Accounting staff training

    Outsourced CFO

    As an entrepreneur with the drive and enthusiasm in developing your products and services, do you have the inclination to get involved in managing the day-to day finance & accounting operations, from recruiting accountant to bookkeeping to financial planning, leaving no time for you to focus on your core business activities?

    Do you have the in-house expertise who is not only able to do day-to-day accounting but also capable of 'translating' those dry financial data to meaningful financial information and effectively communicating to you so that you will be able to stay with up to date financial performance of your business and make more informed decisions?

    Do you have the budget to hire a full-time CFO to help you with some strategic financial functions e.g. financial projections, cash management and tax planning to grow your business? or is it necessary to have a full-time CFO on your payroll, especially when factoring in all the associated staff costs e.g. employer's CPF contributions, bonuses, office space and upfront recruitment costs?

    Like most SMEs, your answers are probably "No, no and no".

    Anuket offers CFO services on an outsourced and timeshare basis. With our outsourced CFO services, you get an Executive Level financial professional who truly understands your business, dedicated to providing your business with the financial leadership and expertise to support your business growth, and only for a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO!

    Our outsourced CFO services can be customized to your requirements. It can be for a specific project, an interim arrangement, or for an ongoing role.

    Outsourced CFO Services include:

    Management reporting

    Financial analysis

    Cash flow planning & management

    Working capital management

    Budgeting and forecasting

    Key performance indicator developing and monitoring

    Accounting process improvement

    Internal control and improvement

    Accounting policy & procedures setup

    Finance & accounting crisis management (e.g. transitional upheavals)

    Feasibility study & investment project appraisal (NPV, IRR and Payback)

    Financial presentations to Board of Directors

    Recruiting, training & guiding your accounting staff

  • Accounting Mess Clean-up

    Internal Audit & Control

    Demystified Accounting for Non-Accounting People

    Consulting Services for Your Business Ventures in China




    We make sure you are in good hands.

    Accounting Mess Clean-up

    Are you experiencing?

    Increasing complaints from your vendors about late payments?

    Customers refused to pay because of wrong billings?

    The new accountant just left has become the 3rd one who resigned within one year!

    Your accounting book shows you have $500,000 in your bank account but the bank statements only shows $100,000? ?

    You have been asking for Profit & Loss accounts for several months, but still, you have not been provided with...

    Even worse, you are facing the short deadline of submitting your financial accounts to your headquarter or auditor but your accountant has been unable to produce ...

    No worries, we will help you get out of the mess and stay current on your books. Our accounting professionals have solid accounting operational experiences, they can quickly identify the irregularities and work out the action plan to clean the mess.

    Once we help clear the mess, as value-added services, we will provide you with the trainings that will help you identify what a healthy accounting function should be, what needs to be done before month-end in order not to leave any chance for mismatching, and how to spot on the early signs of accounting irregularities.

    Internal Audit & Control

    Effective internal controls mean more than just regulatory compliance. They are also critical to ensure operating efficiencies and prevent a company from financial and reputational loss.

    Whether your company is a fast growing private company or a start-up company, a MNC who needs to exam the internal control environment of its subsidiary or branch in Singapore & the other Southeast Asia countries, Anuket provides a host of internal control solutions, which include:

    Assessment of existing internal controls

    Internal audit

    Develop and document policies and procedures

    Training and knowledge transfer to internal team

    Demystified Accounting Training for Non-Accounting People

    Accounting is generally viewed as a highly technical and complex subject. The business owners or managers who have no background in Finance & Accounting or generally find numbers, accounts and finance difficult to digest often find themselves lost in the jargons used by their accounting staff. Actually, accounting is based on simple principles, they are not complex. More often than not, they sound complex is because of the way that they are explained.

    The "Demystified Accounting for Non-Accounting People" training is tailor-made for people who have no background in Finance & Accounting but would like to have a grasp of the basic concepts of accounting.

    It is conducted in a simple and clear way that even the financially nervous novice can easily understand. Through out the training, you will learn all the basic accounting concepts, understand balance sheets, profit & loss accounts and cash flows, and learn how to evaluate your company's financial performance.

    The "Demystified Accounting for Non-Accounting People" training is best suitable for:

    Entrepreneurs who want to start or have already started own businesses, and want to stay on top of the financial performances of their own businesses;

    Managers who have no Financial & Accounting background but are required to understand the basics of accounting;

    Any other individuals who have the interests and want to learn.

    Consulting Services for Your Business Ventures in China

    If you are a SME who want to set business foot in China, look for business advice or find a Chinese expert to help you solve the Finance & Accounting, Taxation, HR and Labour related difficulties which you experienced in China, Anuket is able to assist with its founder's in-depth China knowledge & experience and extensive networks with top professionals in China.

    The services we provide include:

    Assist in negotiating with Chinese business partner

    Assist in reviewing & drafting Contract & Agreement in Chinese

    Consulting services in related to Investment / Accounting / Tax / HR & Labour

  • Incorporation Services in Singapore

    According to the World Bank's Doing Business rankings, Singapore has consistently topped the list of business-friendly economies globally for the past 9 years. Political stability, low corporate taxes, multi-channels of government funding, smart immigration policies and efficient legal system make Singapore the best place in the world to do business. It only takes a minimum Paid-up capital of S$1 and less than 1 hour to register a company online in Singapore!

    If you are a foreigner and wish to register a company in Singapore, you may look out for our incorporation services. Singapore law does not allow foreign individuals or foreign corporate entities to self-register a Singapore company. You must engage a professional firm to register your Singapore company. As a professional firm registered with ACRA,

    Anuket provides one-stop solution which includes::

    Company name application

    Preparation of incorporation document

    Registration with ACRA

    Bank account opening assistant

    Company profile extract from BizFile/ACRA

    Minutes of first board meeting

    Share certificate

    Company seal

    Company secretary service

    Nominee director service

    Annual return filing


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